My Whistling And Main Orawhistling Activities

I am good at Orawhistle(oral whistle),language-birds(especially in lark and song-thrush),whistle-throat (which combines Orawhistle and humming simultaneously) and whistle-cricket.
Cricket is a kind of insect. It likes singing in summer and autumn.In summer,pitches in it's songs are high and rhythm is fast.But in autumm,pitches are low and rhythm is slow.When one imitates cricket's voice by Orawhistling,this kind of Orawhistling is called "whistle-cricket".It may be difficult to imitate cricket's voice in blowing method.But I can imitate cricket's voice very easily only in inhaling method.Of course,I can do it in blowing method.
I ususlly perform songs in Orawhistle,only blowing.Sometimes after Orawhistling songs I perform
language-birds,combining blowing and inhaling.If there is enough performing time,I would
add to show whistle-cricket,blowing or inhaling,and whistle-throat.
I DID NOT know Orawhistle is one of the art forms until I was near 30.But at the time I had been Orawhistling for over 20 years,only for entertainment.Larks all over my hometown in countryside were my techers and friends.I began to study the art of whistling and got to know that once you are able to 'talk' with lark in Orawhistle,you can blow songs in Orawhistle very easily. Now I am 44 and have been performing Orawistling for 15 years.
There is very interesting appearance between me and lark,song-thrush. For I combine blowing and inhaling methods in language-birds,the musical sentence of the song-birds imitated by me can be very very long.I like TALKING with lark and song-thrush.So do lark and babbler.But,when I TALK with lark or song-thrush in very very long or highly difficult musical sentence,the singing lark or song-thrush usually stopps singing suddenly.
I ever performed in big restaurants,universities,radio stations and TV stations.My important shows are an Orawhistling duet in 2003 CCTV-7 Spring Festival Evening broadcasted on Feb 13,2003,then rebroadcasted later,and Orawhistle solo and language-birds show in CCTV-7 on June
2,2001,rebroadcasted day after the first broadcasting.
There is a complete kinescope which is my first Orawhistling show in CCTV-7 in download page of my site to download.After downloading,You may watch it with Windows Media Player.
Through my site which is the first whistling site set up on in 2000,most Orawhistlers in China have contacted with me and keep friendly relationship with me,and more and more peoples in China get to know The Art Of Orawhistling.I hope that some Orawhistlers including me have chance to attend the annual International Whistlers Invention and annual Robert's America Whistling Festival.
I didn't publish my CD for being afraid of serious publishing-illegal in some places.But I shall upload more samples blown by me to my site for friends to download.
I look forward to meeting with more whistler friends and communicating Orawhistling techniques each other.
My main Orawhistling activities as follows:

Lizhong Li:excellent whistling life Reported by CCTV-news on Dec.12,2007.
Having a whistling show including Orawhistle solo,whistle-throut solo,language-birds imitating and whistle-cricket variation in Evening of handing out awards of English Sketch of Agricultural Bank Of China on Nov.2,2005.
Organized the First Whistling Festival In China on Oct.2-4,2005.
Orawhistled Love Story and gained Certificate Of Outstanding Actor in Agricultural Bank Feeling Evening of Agricultural Bank Of China on June 2004.
Performed Orawhistle solo,language-birds,etc.repeatedly in Hebei Radio Station and Tianjin Radio Station,introducing and spreading The Art Of Orawhistling in 2004.
Schemed TV programme Orawhistling Proudly All Corners Of The Country (30 minites) of Hebei TV-1 Station,which introduced China whistling history and the whistling performers at present in China.It was broadcasted On May 28,2004 and rebroadcasted repeatedly.
Writters and directors of CCTV-10 came to Shijiazhuang from Beijing to shoot a telefilm Happy Science--Knowledge Of Blowing specially for me on May 22,2004.
Performed an Orawhistling duet Happy To You in 2003 CCTV-7 Spring Festival Evening.
Performed Orawhistle solo Red Strawberry Flowers Are Blooming and language-birds show in CCTV-7 Evening COUNTRY MACROCOSM on June 2,2001,rebroadcasted day after the first broadcasting.This is the first times my whistling entered into TV.
Gave an interview to the reportor of Orient Time And Space of CCTV-1,introducing Chinese art of whistling on Aug. 19,2001.
Having a whistling show in Hebei TV-1 Station on April 2002.
Performing whistling programme in Hebei Famous Actors Singing Meeting of Shijiazhuang TV Station on June 25,2002
Gave an interview to reporter of Today Information of Hebei TV-2 on Oct. 25,2002.
Having a whistling show in Hebei Economic And Trade University on Sept.26 and 27,2002,showing and introducing all the Orawhistling methods I have mastered.
Performed Orawhistling solo repeatedly in annual ABC Hebei BR. Spring Festival since 2002.
Showing whistling programme in Hebei Radio Station and Shijiazhuang Radio Station in summer of 1997.
Having a month whistling show continuedly in Aviation Hotel at Shijiazhuang,10 songs whistled by me every night.Doing a month whistling show continuedly in Raiway Hotel at Shijizhuang ,3 whistling songs every night.