Note:All the letter in English on the festival from foreing whistlers have been translated into Chinese by WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li) to have been uploaded onto

Letters of congratulation from whistler friends to Whistling Festival In China

Byrdie Sue's letter

Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 05:19:28 -0000

From: "Byrdie Sue"

Subject: Re: Whistling Festival In China

Fantastic news Li! It is so nice to know that there new vibrant Whistling Festivals happening in Japan and now in China. Have a great time

with it.

Byrdie Sue

Jason Victor Serinus's letter
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 10:11:21 -0700

From: Jason Victor Serinus

Subject: Japan and China

I am blown away by news of whistling festivals in China and Japan. This is such wonderful news. Thank you all for your work.

jason victor serinus

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Fred Waidner's letter

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 01:19:26 -0000

From: "Fred Waidner"

Subject: Re: Japan and China

I agree with my friend Jason and, I think that such knowledge of events

not before known in China and Japan demonstrate the fruit of the "world

wide web," as the Internet is called. In just this one little example

of Internet inquiry and participation, namely, whistling!, all on this

planet who have access to the internet can access others of like mind

... and whistle.

The first letter of Robert Stemmons

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 19:11:34 -0000

From: "Robert Stemmons"

Subject: Re: Whistling Festival In China

Good luck Li! I am thrilled to hear of this!


Robert Stemmons

The second letter of Robert Stemmons
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:40:47 -0000

From: "Robert Stemmons"

Subject: Re: Report on whistling festival in China

Congratulations Li!

I hope your festival will continue for many years.


Robert Stemmons

Sean Lomax's letter

Congratulations Li on the whistling convention.

Sean Lomax Whistler

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Linda Hamilton's letter

Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 03:16:51 -0000

From: "Linda Hamilton"

Subject: Re: Festival in China

Wow! What a wonderful experience, Elik! Thanks very much for telling us about it. I'm very glad we have Internet now so that whistlers can find each other and enjoy each others' music.


John (Venice,California)'s letter

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 00:38:25 -0700

From: "John"

Subject: Re: Festival in China

Hi Elik,

Fantastic that you were able to go to the whistling festival ... and that you went. What a show of support for Whistler Li and the others there.

Congratulations to Li on a successful production, and thanks to you (Elik) for sharing your adventure (your report), and looking forward to pictures

Best Regards,

John (Venice,California)

Geert Chatrou's letter

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:16:27 -0000

From: "Geert Chatrou"

Subject: Re: Report on whistling festival in China

Hi Whistler Li,

It is great so read about you festival, I wish I could have been there (and I'm sure a lot of others from this group would liked that).

Unfortunately, China is very far away.

Good luck with everything!

Best Geert (from Holland)

One of two letters from Elik who has attended the Whistling Festival In China

mr. lee hi this 齭 (noted by WhistlerLi:I think it is an antient Chinese word meaning Orawhistle which is found in dictionary by Elik)ur friend elik from israel.

im in istanbull , turkey now, and soon i will come back to israel and write about the festival. i will send u pics and the report that will come out soon and i will make transelation for engish.,

i want to say again- thank u very much for the festival, it was the most wonderfull expirience i had in years.

,send also my thanks to all my good chinese friends.

yours elik

One of two letters from Elik

Dear li

I was very exited to read your mail , i hope to come back next year to china and have a visit in your hometown

thank you very much

now i came back to my warm contry israel and writing to the israeli newspaper about the whisteling festival and all my good expeiriences from the amazing contry - china!

your friend elik

Report on whistling festival in China
This report has sent to Orawhistle Group by WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li)

Hey!Every Whistler!
I am WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li) from changed to be will report the first festival of as follows:
First I will say THANK YOU to Byrdie Sue,Jason victor serinus,Fred Waidner,Robert Stemmons,Sean Lomax,Linda Hamilton,John(Venice,California) for yr good congratulations to this whistling festival.
This is the first whistling festival in China.29 persons including 23 whistlers,one musican and three guitarists from one band named RESONANCE coming from Beijing attended this festival held in Shijiazhuan City,Hebei,China on Oct.2-4,2005.The 22 whistlers came from all over China.Some travelled thousands of kilometres distance from Guangdong,Herbin,Hunan,Jiangxi,Zhejiang,Anhui,etc to this festival.
As you have known,Elik is the only foreign whistler to attend this festival.He got the festival informations through the ORAWHISTLE group and communicated with me by e-mail for further informations.Although I have a lot of foreign whistler
friends such as Robert Stemmons,Sean Lomax,WhistlingTom,Tamas Csordas,Fred Waidner,Rigveda,etc,this is the first times
communicating face to face between foreign and China whistlers.Naturally,he was welcomed warmly by China whistlers.
Elik performed his interesting orawhistling and cooperated to perform some pieces together with several chinese whistlers respectively.Before seeing Elik off,all whistlers whistled FRIENDSHIP AFTER A LONG,LING TIME gogether.When the festival atmosphere got to the top high.
The littlest whistler is 8 years old boy ,the oldest whistler is 67 years old.Both of them came from Beijing.
Why do I select Shijiazhuang City as the place where this festival is held? Because Shiazhuang City is Kun Liu's the native place,who is the greatest whistlers in ancient China.Kun Liu defeated the enemies By Orawhistling with unaccompaniment 1700 years ago.
The local mediums Shijiazhuang Daily,the TV station hebtv-2 and hebtv-3 have reported the whistling festival.Musicweekly which is the important newspaper in chinese music field and Xinhua News Agency which is the largest news agency in China will(now has) report(reported) the festival also.
Pictures will be upload soon(now have been uploaded).
Yr whistler friend in China WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li)

Elik's report to Orawhistle Group
Festival in China


This is a messege from Elik (a whistler from Israel). I'm not such an active member in the forum, but I often read the messeges. One week ago, I came across a messege by Whistler Lee about a festival in China and guess what???-- I'm in China (for work and travel). So I came to the festival -- it was 3 hours from Beijin in a city with a really dificult name.

I have to say that, from the moment I stepped into the big Chinese hall of the festival, time stoped. The Chinese whistlers gave me so much respect and treated me like I was prime minister. We did karaoki together and whisteled in varius styles.

I have to say that Whistler Lee did amazing organization and everyone was really happy about the developing field of whistling in China (we gave also a TV interview).

The Chinese whistlers are really good at non-ordinary styles -- one Mongolian made a sound like a machine -- really deep. Whisler Lee had good experience in bird sounds, but the best in my opinion was Whistler Joe who made a telephone sound (changing really fast with the tongue).

In all, it was a wonderful experience -- I am used to being the only one in a certain place who is whistling, and there everyone was whistling.

I really looking forward for more festivals around the world.

bye, Elik

I will send pics soon
Pictures on the first whistling festival in china(by whistler friends Mr.Hewu Xiao)

One:all whistlers at pm Oct. 2,2005

Two:all whistlers at am Oct. 3,2005

Three:whistling seminar at pm Oct. 2,2005

Four:Elik and WhistlerLi at pm Oct. 3,2005

Five:all whistlers whistled FRIENDSHIP AFTER A LONG,LING TIME gogether for seeing Elik off(2005.10.3下午)

Six:Elik,WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li) and Shengbao Wang

Seven:musicans Hongtao Wang,Gong,etc.who belong to a band Gongming.

Eight:Writter and director of City life of Hebei TV-3 are working at the festival

Special report of Xinhua News Agency by reportor Guochang Cao:WhistlerLi:making Chinese Orawhistling over the world

Letter sent to Orawhistle Group before the festival by WhistlerLi(Lizhong Li)

How are you every whistlers?
I am Lizhong Li(WhistlerLi),an Orawhistler from chnaged to be
Festival of will be held in Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China on Oct.2-4,2005. Shijiazhuang City is south of Beijing,about 300 kilos far(3 hours train or bus distance)from Beijing.All kinds of whistle such as Orawhistle,Whistle-finger,Whistle-throat,Whistle-leaf will be included in this first whistling festival in China.Whistling show,discuss between whistlers,whistling-learning group,dinner party are basic activities of the (now chnaged to be will hold this whistling festival every year.
Yours Lizhong Li(WhistlerLi)

Report on the festival by Shijiazhuang Daily on Sept 28,2005

The Second Festival Of